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Some countries publish data one month after the figures are processed, while other countries may have a time lag of several months before the data is released. For example, if there is no change in ownership e. You can read more about it in this report:

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  • Bureau of Census to publish State Export data.
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  • However, businesses will soon be able to submit data in AES to satisfy requirements of other agencies that currently require reporting on paper.

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Also, adding to the complexity, countries often rely on measurement protocols that are developed alongside these approaches and concepts that are not perfectly compatible to begin with.

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Introduction to International Trade Data System (ITDS) in AES

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WTO | International trade and tariff data The order established policy principles and an implementation plan for the development of the International Trade Data System ITDS and to improve supply chain processes and identification of illicit shipments. The difference is in the way the data is presented.

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