Behind Closed Doors – The Secrets Of A Modern Kitchen

Behind Closed Doors – The Secrets Of A Modern Kitchen

Kitchens have many secrets which are cleverly hidden behind doors. We love the mystery and we also like the fact that doors make kitchens look neat and organized which is particularly appreciated in modern and contemporary design. So what can you hide behind closed doors in a kitchen? Well, a lot of things. Usually we use this design strategy to conceal storage. Features like pantries, shelves full of dishes or stacked pots and pans are best kept hidden. Kitchen pocket doors are especially practical in these cases. They’re space0efficient as well as stylish.

– A balanced combination of open and closed furniture provides a sense of comfort and familiarity
– A combination of built-in appliances and storage spaces can be hidden behind a set of large doors in a modern kitchen

Apart from storage shelves and modules, there are a bunch of other things which you can conceal in a kitchen. We’re talking about appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators or wine coolers. if you don’t want these things to be on display, you can incorporate them into the kitchen furniture and hide them behind closed doors. This way you can maintain a minimalist and cohesive kitchen decor.
You can hide a lot of clutter behind some large kitchen doors like these ones – a great way to maintain a neat appearance

– This kitchen has a really cool bar, with wine racks, storage shelves and drawers, all concealed behind doors
– The pocket doors are a really cool choice here. They’re space-efficient and very practical, especially in the kitchen

Other ideas include concealing wine racks, bars or even the entire kitchen. We’re talking about small kitchens or kitchenettes which are part of open floor plans and which can feature sliding doors that make them look like just another storage unit for the living room. This can be a useful design feature if you don’t want the mess on your kitchen counters to ruin the ambiance in the living area or to be seen by your guests.

– We love the mystery of this sort of kitchens, the fact that those big doors could hide just about anything
– It’s wonderful how all the doors blend in and form a uniform pattern which becomes defining for the entire unit
– The central section of this unit is a bar, complete with two wine coolers at the bottom and a set of shelves
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– The doors at the ends open separately and in this case are big enough to conceal appliances such as the oven
– The pocket doors disappear into the cabinet and keep the design simple, clean and practical

When deciding to use one of the strategies mentioned above, it’s important to take into consideration your kitchen color scheme. After all, those doors have to fit in somehow and their color and finish will impact the kitchen’s decor in a big way. This can be an opportunity to introduce an accent color. In a predominantly grey kitchen, for example, you could make some of the doors yellow for a cheerful look or you could add a touch of orange, green or turquoise. If you prefer a more minimalistic and classical approach, perhaps you’d like to pair some black kitchen cabinets with white doors or some white shelves.

– Figuring out the outlines of the doors on this wall unit is quite tricky, especially with those vertical lines and trims
– When these pocket doors open they reveal appliances at the center and open shelves with accent lights on the sides
– You can play with two or more colors when designing the kitchen furniture, doors or no doors
– Open a door to find another closed door – that can be an interesting design approach
– In some configurations it can even be possible to conceal the entire kitchen behind sliding or pocket doors
– You can use doors to conceal some of the features in your kitchen which you don’t want your guests to see
– Large doors can conceal a lot of things in the kitchen, in particular storage spaces and messy areas
– It’s even possible to conceal large appliances to make them blend in seamlessly
– The fridge and the dishwasher are often concealed behind doors that match the kitchen furniture